Understanding WHY is Half the Battle


question-marksUnderstanding WHY is Half the Battle.  Using visual strategies with students used to be rare.  Now it is a common practice in education.  In my Visual Strategies Workshops at least 85% of the people indicate that they use some visual tools with students. They see great results from this method of communication support.  That is why they are attending the workshop.  They want to learn more.

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Summer Friendships & Social Opportunities

Summer is traditionally a time of opportunities for fun, play and activities that take advantage of good weather and school breaks.  Although there are great variations in school calendars, summer frequently provides more time away from the standard school routine.

The good and the bad
Time away from school is a welcome break for lots of families.  The days become easily filled with play and pools and fun activities that don’t fit in easily during the school year.

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Temple Grandin – Asperger’s – Different Not Less

I was talking with a friend recently.  She knows a lot about autism.  Our discussion led to some sharing about an incident with one of her family members.  During the conversation she commented, “He’s never been diagnosed, but I’m sure he has Asperger’s.”

That discussion made me think about many, many adults I have talked with about their Asperger’s diagnosis.  Most of them were not diagnosed until teen or adulthood.  One of the things many of them have shared … Read more →

Pictures for Autism Communication – Does consistency matter?

I heard a speaker recently talking about using pictures for teaching language to children with autism.  She was discussing the concept of changing the art so students would generalize a concept.

I understand that we want to use different pictures so children will learn that there are many kinds of dogs when we use that word. Therefore one stage of teaching is helping students learn to understand that a bull dog and lab are both dogs.  It’s a skill … Read more →

How to Create Visual Strategies for Students with Autism

Here’s a question I received:
How does the Speech Therapist get teachers, parents, and others to make visual supports?

Here’s the answer:
There are a lot of different ways that people can do that. The bottom line is TEAMWORK.  I really like to think of myself as a catalyst for getting that to happen. In other words I want to work with the teachers or parents or other people that will be interacting with the students who will need the … Read more →

Medical Evaluation of Children with Autism

Tuesday Tip – Medical Evaluation

Many students with autism experience co-occurring medical conditions.  Considering this, many of these students have not had the benefit of a thorough medical evaluation.  Remember that each student is different and treatment for students with various disabilities requires a specific individualized approach.

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Preparing for Doctor Visit for Child with Autism

Tuesday Tip – Visiting a Doctor Office

When you have an appointment for a major medical evaluation, it
helps if you can bring someone with you, to watch your child so you
can concentrate on your discussion with the doctor.  Bring several
favorite books or toys to keep the child occupied in the waiting
room and during the evaluation.

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The Link Between Communication and Behavior Problems in Autism

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders are known for having behavior challenges.  Communication breakdowns are often the reason.  If other communication attempts do not accomplish their goals, students will use what works.  That frequently can be something we will call a “bad behavior.”

Here’s what one educator shared about managing a meltdown.  “I gave a student the chance to just “show me” what he wanted or what was wrong.  It turned out that we had taken Library off the class schedule … Read more →